Vini Caldera
Portacomaro Stazione 53 B
14100 Asti Italy
+39 0141 296154
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A few kilometers from Asti, the director for Casale Monferrato, the fraction of Portacomaro Stazione introduces the sweet Monferrato hills, which are considered by all historians of the vine and wine, as the "homeland" of recognized ancient "screws berbesine" grown area already 'before the year one thousand and later identified by experts in vine Grignolino, variety' native among the most 'representative of the history of Piedmont oenology. In the following centuries the territory, thanks to the nature of the soil and the excellent exposure, reveal 'also very suitable for the cultivation of the Barbera grape, the most' popular, currently all the wine areas of Piedmont and that area has always expressed great wines for structure and sensory characteristics. To Portacomaro and 'an area worth visiting, because homeland of the family of Pope Francis, why has recently become, along with the Monferrato and Langhe, a World Heritage Site and also for its proximity to Asti, the ancient Hasta Pompeia, which boasts one of the most 'interesting historical centers of the region, with impressive churches, palaces, medieval towers and importantnti remains of Roman walls. Another great attraction and 'consists of a high-class restaurants, famous for decades worldwide.

Bricco Marmorito Portacomaro Stazione, homeland of Pope Francis.