The vineyards are located in some of the best areas of the Monferrato:

    grapes Grignolino comes from the historical "Serre"
 of Portacomaro, the Ruchè from areas
 of Castagnole Monferrato and Portacomaro,

that of the Gavi comes from the town of Gavi.

that Dolcetto from areas of Dogliani, grapes Barbera is
produced in Agliano, Vigliano and Portacomaro.

The selection of the best grapes from vineyards of the old plant (between 30 and 50) provides a quantitative production low (in many cases less than 50 quintals per hectare), eccentuate pruning and thinning of the vines of grapes in the most prolific years, contributing to the top quality.
All wines are made from grapes in purity, because the company believes to be characterized not more confusing tastes and researching the characteristics of the product.

" We we believe that the wine is made to enjoy; wine in harmony and balance are qualities that must accompany the pleasure and the main feature: the drinkability. Is not it time for extreme wines, but wines very good. "