since 1899

Four generations of wines

Family coat of arms, dominating the Company's trade-mark and wine labels, is the result of an accurate heraldic research which traces the family name back to the 12th Century.
The first important viticultural activity dates back to the early 1900's, thanks to Prospero Caldera.

The name Prospero,typical of the ancient Monferrato civilization,proved to be very auspicious, and in a short time the small business became famous thanks to its excellent wine features; moreover, the Caldera family was the pioneer selling and delivering their wines to consumers homes and to shopkeepers, even abroad.

In the following years, first Carlo and then Giuseppe were the successors of the founder Prospero.

For a few years, Fabrizia Caldera has been representing the fourth generation of passionate wine producers, flanked by her husband Roberto Rossi, who is in turn an expert on wine and her son Fabio. With them, Caldera wines continue a centuries-old history, linked to tradition and the territory, in full respect of nature and man.

Attentive to modern market evolution and increasingly oriented towards quality proposals.

Life is too short to drink mediocre wines

Johann Wolfgang Goethe